Crypto Game On!


Recently I started to help “on-ramp” friends and family into the world of crypto. It’s not something I’ve done much of the past 5 years and now that I am I noticed something interesting. It’s hard to put into words; so let’s start with this tweet:

Obviously, with 1 trillion in assets; crypto is not a game, but lets build on that idea.

The recent flash-crash of 2018 brought questions from new-crypto-friends and comments from non-crypto-friends, or as they are often being called now “noncoiners”.

The questions from friends and family were as you would expect; “should I sell now”, “is bitcoin dead”, etc. Since I’m not a “get rich quick” investor I suggested that this group just hold on. These types of drops/rises where pretty common, we’ve been here before, etc.

The comments from noncoiners where also as you would expect.

The duality of the questions and comments from these two groups coupled with the tweet about crypto being a game made me realize:

Me, us, coiners:

I’m not sure who we are in this gif, but I do know we are in the game.

You, noncoiners, cheerleaders and fearleaders:

On the side-lines, doing….something.

Where were you when the dotcom bubble burst? when they announced the bank bailout? When you got your first iPhone? Sent your first email?, or sadly – when the world trade center fell?

Where are you now?

Are you here:


Or are you here?


Is it better to be on the sidelines now or deposit a small amount, get in the game? Learn about the future. Crypto – as we know it – has been around since 2009 and the concept of digital money has been around since the dawn of the internet. Don’t expect it to go anywhere.

What story will you tell about the Occupy Wall Street, The Million Man March or any other social movement?

Is it better to say “I knew real change would never work” or is it better to at least try.


Or, you can just keep on doing:


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