Talk: Cryptocurrency 101 – Games & Memes Edition


Can a blockchain be hacked?
How do I know my bitcoin are safe?
What about hackers!!!!?!?!?!?

The most common questions about bitcoin fall away when you understand how a blockchain works; unfortunately, explaining how a blockchain works is not that simple.

Have no fear! In this talk, we take a fun and non-technical approach to explaining how a blockchain works.


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Speaking about blockchain

I’ve recently spent a great deal of time explaining blockchains both technical and non-technical friends, family, co-workers, and customers. In the many times that I’ve failed to explain the inner workings of a blockchain; I’ve found language and examples that seem to clear up what a blockchain is. For each person it has been a different part of the system; but in each of these explanations there has been a time when the person I’m explaining blockchain to says something along the lines of “oh, now I understand!”.

With all of these “now I understand” moments under my belt, I am ready to collect them all and use them to explain blockchains to a many-to-one audience.

I wrote the following abstract; and I’d love to speak about this topic. Please feel free to contact me if you’d like me to speak to you, your team, your company, or your investors about blockchains.

Blockchain as an architectural pattern

Abstract: A blockchain is not magic internet money, that’s Bitcoin. A blockchain is a software architectural pattern and in this talk we are going to review the pieces that make up the blockchain pattern. By breaking the pattern down into it’s many pieces we will see how each piece relates to more widely known patterns, and prove that a blockchain is not magic.

About: Eric Polerecky is the founder of TeamVirtuosso, a byte size consulting firm focused on blockchains. Eric has been developing blockchains since 2013 and most recently created TrinityFx, a platform to facilitate the tokenization of new and exciting apps; like Stripe for tokens.