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sending board/card updates to your favorite business class social network since 02/07/2012. https://github.com/detroitpro/Trello.Router The goal here is to be a mini hubot and keep everyone, that is anyone, in the know about the the cool sh!t that we are working on. or…a way to give managers visibility into a card wall since they might not […]

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Trello OAuth Tokens Expiration

Trello supports passing in an expiration parameter when requesting an oauth token. The default is 1hour but, at least in my case, I needed something long running for a background service. how to get a token. //pass your key into a url that looks like this: //https://trello.com/1/authorize?response_type=token&key=YOUR_API_KEY_HERE&scope=read&expiration=never Also, take a look at this open card […]

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ASP.NET Image Resizing

TL;DR Imageresizer is the best library for resizing images in .NET; MVC or otherwise. However; if you are forced to write your own resizing functions I posted a gist and a sample on GitHub. Moar Power! With the exception of it’s all to generic, making it hard to google, bringing up thousands of random utilities […]

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