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Director, Professional Services @RightBrain_Net - 50% engineer, 50% entrepreneur. Former: CTO @Wantify, @agilesoftware, @grasshopper

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Should your next project use a Microservice based architecture?

Now that you’ve been to all the talks describing what Microservices are; let’s review how you can evaluate if you should be using Microservices for your next project. In this session we will take a 1000 foot view of a Microservices based architecture and review my personal experience delivering Microservices based solutions. Also; if a Microservices based architecture is best for your project we’ll review how to convince your boss, your team, or your customer that a Microservices based architecture is the best architecture for your next project.

Most demos will be in C#

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Real World Functional Reactive Programming

Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) is a relatively young paradigm for building applications. You may have heard that The Cool Kids™ like GitHub and Netflix are hooked on FRP. What you might not know is why, the history and how you can get started with this powerful model.

Functional and Reactive Programming talks are usually Super Boring™ but in this talk I’ll be taking academia out and replacing it with Real World Experience™. I’ll review common FRP patterns, pitfalls to watch for, and touch on ReactiveUI - a .NET/Xamarin framework to help ease your entry into FRP.

Most demos will be in C#, but we’ll do short reviews of FRP libraries in JavaScript, Obj-C, Java and possibly others.

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