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Director, Professional Services @RightBrain_Net - 50% engineer, 50% entrepreneur. Former: CTO @Wantify, @agilesoftware, @grasshopper

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Welcome to TeamVirtuoso

Today, on September 17th 2016, I am very excited to announce the next evolution of .NET software development, coaching and consulting: “TeamVirtuoso”.

Removing old blog posts

I’ve been blogging since 2009, thats a long time. In that long time I’ve used lots of tools and technology that is just not relevant anymore. I also started ...

Hexagonal Architecture

I spent a few minutes talking with a team member about hexagonal architecture today. It reminded me how much I’ve learned about software development over the...

Jekyll future dated posts and ghpages

After years of using wordpress; I switched to using GitHub’s “ghpages” to host and publish my content. ghpages had many upsides, learning a new technology (J...


Driving Personal Growth

Starting Monday my commute is going to get a little longer and with that I decided to update my podcast catalog. The reason for this update update was to fin...

Slides from my AADND talk on FRP

First; thank you to everyone that showed up to my talk on Functional Reactive Programming at AADND last week. It was great to host the Ann Arbor .NET Develop...

Xamarin List Detail

There are plenty of examples of create List Detail style application workflow using either UITableViewController or without using a Storyboard. Of course; I ...


On bounded context

I’ve been spending a ton of time thinking about DDD, systems, components, SOA, and all that junk. Coming around to the concept of bounded context.

Managers: How to make your job easy

Joel Spolsky wrote a guest post on AVC, Fred Wilson’s blog, about management. It’s a pretty nice article about how founders struggle through creating managem...

Help me with this question

How do you measure passion? Is it something that can be measured? Maybe I can use an e-meter? I have no idea how to gauge passion but here is my hypothesis.

Please write less tests

I was recently looking over a friends “spike”. For those that don’t know a “spike” is a development effort with the end goal of learning something. The thing...


“Liskov substitution principle”



So you wanna work with detroitpro?

Over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking and talking a lot about developers. The word that keeps coming up in conversation with many non-developers is “pas...

ASP.NET MVC4 Killer Feature: Auto Conneg

There once was a project called the [ASP.NET Web API][1] but that is dead and gone. It’s features all merged into [ASP.NET MVC4][2]. For us that means that o...


sending board/card updates to your favorite business class social network since 02/07/2012.

On Validation

Two things. First; I spent the past year away from large systems design and some of these posts might be rehashes. Second; I’m addicted to codereview.stackex...


The more MVC web applications I build the more I love the MvcScaffold. The MvcScaffold is a set of T4 templates that you can pull down using NuGet to obtain ...

Cross Platform Mobile Apps

(Xamarin) MonoTouch, (Adobe) PhoneGap, (Appcelerator) Titanium, and (Adobe) Flash/Flex. There are just a few options for building cross platform mobile apps.



Tools I want to use more

As a follow up to my tools post here is a list of the tools I’d like to spend more time with. The % next to the title is an estimation as the likelihood I’ll...

Toolset 2009

Most of my work so far this year has been with one client. This client was a Java shop for quite some time and is pretty green to Microsoft. Also, they don’t...

25 Questions

I spent too much time thinking about writing this I know I am a workaholic I have a problem; I must be great at whatever I do #3 includes being a pr...