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Director, Professional Services @RightBrain_Net - 50% engineer, 50% entrepreneur. Former: CTO @Wantify, @agilesoftware, @grasshopper

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Microservices? Real World FRP Xamarin Forms Case Study

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Ok. Microservice - both personally and professionally I’ve been working on microservice based projects. I’ve learned some lessons and I have some thoughts about building such a platform.

I’m not sure that title would get picked up, so I’ve softened the abstract a little. Time to start building out the slides and submitting it to local user groups and regional conferences.

Should your next project use a Microservice based architecture?

Now that you’ve been to all the talks describing what Microservices are; let’s review how you can evaluate if you should be using Microservices for your next project. In this session we will take a 1000 foot view of a Microservices based architecture and review my personal experience delivering Microservices based solutions. Also; if a Microservices based architecture is best for your project we’ll review how to convince your boss, your team, or your customer that a Microservices based architecture is the best architecture for your next project.

Most demos will be in C#