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(Xamarin) MonoTouch, (Adobe) PhoneGap, (Appcelerator) Titanium, and (Adobe) Flash/Flex. There are just a few options for building cross platform mobile apps.

Recently we are starting to see a PhoneGap ‘lite’ style that uses native shells to render server hosted content. The first thought that comes to mind is that this won’t work without an internet connection but does that really matter anymore?

Facebook, LinkedIn and Walmart have decided to take this approach. Facebook is using HTML5 to power it’s new UI and (as I understand it) C++ generated from PHP via hiphop-php. LinkedIn and Walmart have less reliance on the new markup and API’s in HTML and have opted to invest more on their server-side with node.js.

As best I could deduce from the articles both LinkedIn and Walmart are using only the simplest of HTML5 apis but are seeing a huge increases in performance (responsiveness to the end-user) with node.js on the server.