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Starting Monday my commute is going to get a little longer and with that I decided to update my podcast catalog. The reason for this update update was to find a new batch of podcasts to help me become a better technologist and leader. As my roles have changed through my career so has the places where I look for input and information.

Taking a look back, a large part of what has made me successful has been the influx of information during my daily commute. I’ll write a detailed post on that soon. Here are a list of the podcasts that I’m adding to my rotation. Product People

I found product people through the blog post “LAUNCHING IS A MYTH”. I have not listened to a complete episode yet but skimming the titles was enough to give it a shot.


Startups For The Rest Of Us

The about us page describes this podcast as “the podcast that helps developers, designers and entrepreneurs be awesome at launching software products.” and that is exactly where we are in our product life cycle.

Listening to episode 225 on paid advertising campaigns instantly had it added to my doubletwist.


The next two podcasts I’m going to add before having listened to them. They are both product focused podcasts that I don’t know much about.


If you have any input or suggestions for other product and launch focused podcasts please leave a comment.