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I’m really digging the DDD Aggregate root design pattern and thought it would be good to create an example of using EF to pull a root from the persistence layer (database).

My database:


In my little database prjects have releases and stories. releases have sprints and stories and stories have tasks. My root is a project.


My model (EF)


A method for pulling the root:

Its important to note that child objects must be included in the query. ex: Include(“Stories.Tasks”) will get the tasks.

All the projects

Dim _entities As Entities.EntityFrameworkEntities = New Entities.EntityFrameworkEntitiesReturn

**A specific project. **

Function GetById(ByVal Id As Integer) As Entities.Projects       
Return _entities.Projects().Include(“Releases”).Include(“Stories”).Include(“Stories.Tasks”).Where(Function(p) p.ProjectId = Id).FirstOrDefault
End Function

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