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Reading data and displaying it on a screen. It’s most of the applications that we build.

Each application has a problem area but it’s often a small part of the application.

Why do we pretend that we don’t have common patterns that can be used to accomplish common tasks?

What value is gained from “driving the design thru tests” of the values of a configuration file?

What type of “emergent object oriented design” do we expect to find in a controller action that responds to a GET method and returns a json result for an article?

Ok, so let’s get to the real question here.

How do we balance architecture with TDD?

The REAL question(s)…..

Are there areas of our application that we don’t need TDD for?

Do we ignore code coverage number for generated code?

When we configure a module/provider/whatever your framework calls it; do we test the configuration values?

It’s to think……….