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Day 1: Tuesday 1/10/12

I started codemash off with a ride down to Kalahari along with @robgibbens, @doctorshow, and @manconlabarba; 3 former co-workers . We talked about the “good ol’ days”, the influx of new developers, and their shift from .NET to Java. Ha! At the time I did not know it but this type of “golden hammer” change became the theme of codemash.

CodeMash 001We checked in and then switched the rooms around so @jbehren got the room with the in-room hot-tub. This hot-tub was no in some fancy bathroom it was right next to the bed. After that we got some food but soon returned to our geek-ish ways and spent the rest of the night coding services, installing ruby and reading DYAC. CodeMash 003

Bonus: The night ended with @RobGibbens telling me “The night before codemash” bedtime stories.

CodeMash 004

Day 2: Wednesday 1/11/12 (Pre-Compiler Workshops)

After a mound of bacon with a  side of fruit it was time for the first workshop. Going into codemash I thought the theme of my workshops/sessions would be iOS development and ruby. Well…

jbehren coding along in MonoTouchThe first workshop was iOS5 development and after 2 hours of watching properties get synthesized, tricks to work around adding methods to the interface because code is executed in line number order and * and – and sitting next to @jbehren and watching him do the exact same demo/sample in MonoTouch (not a hard task just the icing on my ‘ob-c”’ is yucky feelings) I decided I need to change up my entire track for this week. Luckily for me I have an iphone and @RobGibbens made a codemash app!

I decided to take the Windows Phone 7 half-day workshop presented by the wp7 DE @jeffblankenburg in the afternoon with @jarell_lloyd, @jbehren, @robgibbens, @doctorshow, @manconlabarba. The talk was very introductory but the additional resources microsoft presented to get new developers into the platform was amazing. It showed an actual willingness to make developing for a platform that is not ones primary phone platform. Basically; everyone has an iphone and not having a physical phone keeps the barrier of entry high. I am really excited to see Microsoft make an effort to make developing for wp7 have a zero-cost setup fee.

The evening of the pre-compilers .NET Rocks recorded an episode on the topic of “Software Quality”. The panel included Carl Quinn of the Java Pose (and Netflix).

CodeMash 008

The evening included a welcome party, game room and poker. Can you guess what the guy with the poker suits tattooed on his knuckles did?

CodeMash 011

48 players, 7 tables, 4 hours of poker, another day at the office for @detroitpro Smile

Day 3: Thursday 1/12/12 (CodeMash Day1)


CodeMash got off with a fucking BANG! @tedneward gave a talk about Rethinking enterprise, how being lazy is a lot of work, all software sucks, brain activations and history. I came away from his talk with a few key points:CodeMash 015

  1. There is little new thought in software development
    • All software sucks; it just sucks in different ways
      • Planning for reuse is a waste of time.
        • The human brain is hard-wired to react to specific activations – (ie: hearing someone say fuck in the middle of a keynote) and there is not much we can do about it. </ol>  

        In an almost “did they plan this”? way my next session was @shanselman talking about “Web Stack of Love”. If you have never had the chance to hear Scott speak in person find him and make him talk to you. @robgibbens and I showed up 15min early to the session to get a good seat and were treated with videos from the coder music playlist.


        CodeMash 020CodeMash 017

        The talk on One ASP.NET showed some of the new goodness coming in MVC4 and some amazing potential concepts that might come out as One ASP.NET.

        CodeMash 022

        CodeMash 023


        CodeMash 025

        Annouced that Web API will be shipping with MVC4 (yay!)

        CodeMash 028

        Quick demo of “Single Page App” – aka: gmail/todo list

        CodeMash 026

        Responsive design baked in.

        CodeMash 037

        More responsive design.

        CodeMash 021

        Oh’ we also learned who actually runs Microsoft.

        CodeMash 053My next stop was a toss of between what is new in MVC4, Wicked Domain Models and Jon Skeet talking about something over my head. After popping around a little I ended up in the Wicked Domain Models talk by @jbogard. Jimmy was using a offer/coupon example to show domain models should only expose as much information as is required to complete tasks, not allow developers to set incorrect state based values or require developers to know how – or in what order – values need to be set on an entity. The walk was great, I would have liked to hear it 4 years ago Sad smile poor ol’ anemic domain models.


        The last session of the day was a talk about .NET high performance thru ruthless caching using AppFabric.

        CodeMash 054

        Up next was dinner follow by the pecha kucha.

         CodeMash 055CodeMash 056

        pecha kucha

        For those that are unfamiliar with pecha kucha it’s a presentation style that consists of 20 slides rotating every 20 seconds to create a well timed 6:60 presentation. The one posted below by @rubybudda is one of the best talks I’ve ever heard.

        STOP: Take the time to watch this video. Photos are below.

        CodeMash 057CodeMash 058CodeMash 059CodeMash 060CodeMash 061CodeMash 062CodeMash 063CodeMash 064CodeMash 065CodeMash 066CodeMash 067

        There were a few other amazing pecha kucha’s such as @jonskeet talking about Glee, @mgroves showing us how to calm the rage faces and Mel Grubb showing off his Urinal Rules Kata.

        @jonskeet and glee
        @mgroves and rage faces

        CodeMash 073CodeMash 071CodeMash 072

        Mel Grubb and rules to live by.

        CodeMash 082

        …to be continued.