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Over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking and talking a lot about developers. The word that keeps coming up in conversation with many non-developers is “passion”. I am not sure “passion” is the word to describe those who eat-drink-sleep development.

As I sat in the back of a car, on the way to the airport, reading twitter – my stream full of nothing but other developers. I started to think about the time I spent working the past week, the meetings, the excitement and the future tasks. I was done working but my brain kept on.

Then, on the plain, I fired up my podcasts at 2x speed so I could get more in. I listened to HERDING CODE 132: PHIL HAACK, KEITH DAHLBY AND PAUL BETTS ON GIT FOR WINDOWS DEVELOPERS and .NET Rocks 722: Development Practices. I am not sure “passion” is the best word to describe how much I enjoy what I do for a living.

Today, Saturday night as I write this, I am reading about Open Source at Stack Exchange and come across this video that drives home that my enjoyment is hardwired obsession.

From Penny Arcade: