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Director, Professional Services @RightBrain_Net - 50% engineer, 50% entrepreneur. Former: CTO @Wantify, @agilesoftware, @grasshopper

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Today, on September 17th 2016, I am very excited to announce the next evolution of .NET software development, coaching and consulting: “TeamVirtuoso”.

TeamVirtuoso is the summation of my technology consulting experience. TeamVirtuoso’s lineage may be great but it’s history is short. Into early 2017; I’ll be working to make TeamVirtuoso “Big and Visible” with activities such as blog posts and speaking engagements. Much of my personal content will be published under the TeamVirtuoso banner and on the TeamVirtuoso site.

Let’s define TeamVirtuoso:

TeamVirtuoso is an Agile software consulting company that lives in the sweet spot between “Big A” agile and “We have daily stand-ups”.

TeamVirtuoso specializes in the Microsoft platform. We build software using C#, Build systems in F#, Deploy to Azure, Run servers on Linux and carry MacBooks so we can develop Xamarin iOS applications.

TeamVirtuoso is open. In the near future we will be sharing our entire delivery model handbook. Every step in our practice will be made available for both clients and competitors to review. It is our hope that this level of transparency can help the entire software industry build better software.

TeamVirtuoso is community focused.

TeamVirtuoso ships, to production, during the first week.

TeamVirtuoso is built on trust.

TeamVirtuoso builds distributed, cloud native, event sourced, solid, applications.

TeamVirtuoso is a startup.

TeamVirtuoso is for startups.

TeamVirtuoso is excited about the future of the .NET platform.

“TeamVirtuoso is ready to help you embrace that future.”