ASP.NET MVC New Project Replace Webforms with Spark

Note: This demo is in VB.NET and based on my use of spark on a real project; I can say that this will be the first of a few Spark MVC for VB.NET developers. Spark uses C# in the views; I think its going to be a good way, for me at least, to keep up to speed with both syntax.

It seems that bootstrapping Spark in the global.asa (code in general) is not working for namespaces. I’ll have another post early next week about all my next steps but for now just know you need to add your namespaces to a _global.spark

This demo is the process of getting running with spark and replacing the webforms view engine in a new mvc project. From soup to nuts as they would say…I guess.



Spark Download:

Spark Master Layout (Master Pages)

Project Source:

ASP.NET MVC new project with Spark view engine (coming soon)