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Director, Professional Services @RightBrain_Net - 50% engineer, 50% entrepreneur. Former: CTO @Wantify, @agilesoftware, @grasshopper

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Driving Personal Growth

Starting Monday my commute is going to get a little longer and with that I decided to update my podcast catalog. The reason for this update update was to find a new batch of podcasts to help me become a better technologist and leader. As my roles have changed through my career so has the places where I look for inpu...

Slides from my AADND talk on FRP

First; thank you to everyone that showed up to my talk on Functional Reactive Programming at AADND last week. It was great to host the Ann Arbor .NET Developers in The Forge by Pillar….the food was pretty good too.

Xamarin Forms 1.4: Parallax Scroll

Xamarin Forms 1.4 is a minor point release and that means there are API changes. One of the new API changes is around the ScrollView.

Xamarin List Detail

There are plenty of examples of create List Detail style application workflow using either UITableViewController or without using a Storyboard. Of course; I wanted to use a Storyboard and to use a UITableView

Lunch and Learn: Day 1 of 10

The company I work for, Pillar Technology, announced an internal mobile app development contest last week. The contest will run for 4.5 months and award fabulous prizes but for me most the exciting part is being able to evangelize using the Xamarin platform.

Xamarin Forms 1.3 : List Editing aka: Context Actions

1.3 is the 3rd large release of Xamarin Forms and like most software, the story for developers begins with the 3rd release. 1.3 brings a massive set of changes, features and fixes. One feature is not getting the attention it deserves: Context Actions! You can now edit lists! OMG!