Xamarin Forms 1.3 : List Editing aka: Context Actions

1.3 is the 3rd large release of Xamarin Forms and like most software, the story for developers begins with the 3rd release. 1.3 brings a massive set of changes, features and fixes. One feature is not getting the attention it deserves: Context Actions! You can now edit lists! OMG! Display As expected; Context Actions are rendered using…
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SQL Replication is too confusing

Here is my SQL use case: Customer has invested in P2P transactional replication in SQL Server 2008R. Their database has many unique and composite key constraints that is likely to cause merge conflicts. Question: Is there a method to automagicly resolve conflicts (ie: merge replication business logic resolvers) when using P2P transactional replication Is Merge…
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Xamarin.Android and the ART of crashing

  At this time developers and power users are moving over to ART. Xamarin.Android does not yet have support for ART. Side note: Everything compiles, deploys and runs…..until it doesn’t. Xamarin has API support usually the same day something is released. I don’t think the community is looking for ART support the very same day…
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Pretending to be dumb.

Reading data and displaying it on a screen. It’s most of the applications that we build. Each application has a problem area but it’s often a small part of the application. Why do we pretend that we don’t have common patterns that can be used to accomplish common tasks? What value is gained from “driving…
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On bounded context

I’ve been spending a ton of time thinking about DDD, systems, components, SOA, and all that junk. Coming around to the concept of bounded context. Here are some of the descriptions of bounded context. Wikipedia says (emphasis mine): Explicitly set boundaries in terms of team organization, usage within specific parts of the application, and physical…
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Managers: How to make your job easy

Joel Spolsky wrote a guest post on AVC, Fred Wilson’s blog, about management. It’s a pretty nice article about how founders struggle through creating management structures. However; the TL;DR version speaks to something that is too often overlooked. Too many times I’ve seen deadline-based hiring, cronyism or – and most often this is the case…
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Help me with this question

How do you measure passion? Is it something that can be measured? Maybe I can use an e-meter? I have no idea how to gauge passion but here is my hypothesis. You can measure a .NET developers passion by evaluating their familiarity with their professions ecosystem. I created a gist that contains my current evaluation…
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.NET Impersonation

TL;DR – Impersonation script below. Rant(ish) post: My current contract exclusively uses Active Directly for authentication. I love Active Directly, writing Scripts for AD migrations was the first “production” development I did. I owe much of my programming success to AD. However; Any tool can become a weapon if held properly and I keep finding…
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Please write less tests

I was recently looking over a friends “spike”. For those that don’t know a “spike” is a development effort with the end goal of learning something. The thing that you learn from a spike might be technical but it could also be along the lines of “do we want to move forward”. After a few…
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Look Ma’ No JavaScript

It took a little longer than I would have liked…thanks alot ng-repeat! I was able to use two table rows to create a master/detail style responsive table. twitter_angular_responsive


A pattern with a name so horrible no one wants to spend the time to review what it means. </snark> http://www.objectmentor.com/resources/articles/lsp.pdf The Liskov_substitution_principle come down to two things: A base class should not have to know about the classes that derive from it. A base class should remain in a valid state.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

It turns out that a very popular JavaScript testing framework puts assertion logic in “getters” I have no words: I found expect.js (not expect because that is another lib) and karma-expect (yes it’s for expect.js NOT expect) as a replacement. https://github.com/LearnBoost/expect.js   https://npmjs.org/package/karma-expect

nodejs, express and angularjs and model validation

The MEAN stack ties client side models – angular form posts – with Mongoose models. What happens when the data posted to the server is not going to be persisted? What are other validation/model frameworks embraced by the community? I think I’ll be working the domain logic in my MEAN stack template to take a…
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Do you know how to JavaScript?

  Questions: What data types does JS have? What does ‘typeof’ do? What is the difference between the ‘if’ statement in JS and languages like C# and JAVA? What are truthy \ falsy values? Which values will be falsy? What is short-circuiting? What is the difference between prototypical and classical inheritance models? What is a…
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